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Sea-line River and Port Tour

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    * Shanwei Fishing Port *
    Shanwei Fishing Port   The fishery industry in Linyuan developed quite early; before the construction of the Shuangyuan Bridge, people had to travel by bamboo rafts if they want to reach Donggang. In 1973, the government took ten years to build the Shanwei Fishing Port, which can accommodate 250 motorized rafts. Shanwei Fishing Port is a fishing port based in the waters of the Gaobing River, hence all the eel fry fishing boats and rafts that are observed at the Gaobing River Estuary come from Shanwei.

      Shanwei was Linyuan’s earliest fishing port, the “Boats Returning to Shanwei” at the end of the Gaobing River Estuary was once one of the Eight Wonders.
    * Aquaculture *
    Barramundi   Apart from catching eel fry, majority of Linyuan’s high value aquaculture is also concentrated here at Shanwei
    Hard clam: this is also called Taiwanese abalone, they are fed with Gracilaria lemaneiformis. The water quality for hard clam is strictly monitored, no contamination can be allowed.

      Grouper: this is also high value seafood, especially giant grouper; currently the pearl group fry is also bred by some fish farms.
    Barramundi: do not be fooled by its adorable appearance, it can be very vicious! Adult fish can weigh over 6kg.