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Geographic Location


      The Gaobing River (old name was Lower Danshuei River) flows through the east side of the township and exits to the sea on the southwest side; large volume of sand and silt flushed down from the upstream has been deposited in the southeaster region of the township, forming alluvial plains that stretch for 8km, the longest in Kaohsiung County.

      Geographically, it is not only part of Kaohsiung, but also the buffer belt and entrance to the central urban districts of Kaohsiung from the agricultural plains of Pingtung in the southeast. It is immediately adjacent to the Kaohsiung International Airport, two seaports of Kaohsiung and Dapingding, which has superior transportation location. Since the Port of Kaohsiung will be developed into the Offshore Transfer and Shipping Center and the Asia-Pacific Regional Operations Center, hence the township’s geographical advantage allows it to play the role of logistics support and enhance its role in the development of the urban area.

      During the Kangsi era in the Cing Dynasty, the Lower Danshuei River often flooded and destroyed land near the river. During the Japanese occupation, the Linyuan region was a good hiding place for anti-Japanese fighters due to its limestone cave formations in the Fongshan Hill. Fongshan Hill stretches along the western side of the township; there is also the renowned Cingshueiyan, which allows one to look far into the distant Taiwan Strait and port of Kaohsiung, making it a unique triangular outpost. The township is nearby Daliao Township, the unique petrochemical industry has endowed the region with a unique landmark.

    Linyuan Township