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    * Drive *
    * Highway
      For those traveling southbound, take the National Highway No.1, head towards Siaogang and connect to Expressway No. 88, get off at Daliao Linyuan interchange and turn right to Fonglin Road, after passing Daliao Township you will enter Linyuan Township. After seeing the Cingshueiyan Scenic Area, soon you will need to turn into Linyuan North Road to reach the Township Office.
    * From Pingtung to Linyuan :
      (1)Expressway No. 88
    (2)Kaoping Bridge
    (3)Shuangyuan Bridge
    (4)Wann Ta Bridge→Provincial Highway No. 17
    * Provincial Highway No. 17
      Provincial Highway No. 17 (Yanhai Road) is an important road connecting Pingtung County with Kaohsiung City’s Siaogang and city central, Linyuan is located in the middle.
    * Public Transportation *
    * Bus:
    (1) Kenting Express:
      from Zuoying, Kaohsiung to Kenting, it departs from MRT Zuoying Station and passes through Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung International Airport before reaching Linyuan.
    (2) Kaohsiung Bus101: from Kaohsiung Station→Fongshan→Daliao→Linyuan
      Kaohsiung Bus102: From Yancheng→SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI→Sansin High School of Commerce and Home Economics→Fongshan→Daliao→Linyuan
    (3) King Bus: King Bus Station near Kaohsiung Station→Linyuan
    (4) Jhongnan Bus
    * MRT
      MRT Red Line Siaogang Station, take the Red 3 free shuttle busSiaogangLinyuan
    Whether you take the train, THSR or plane, you can take the MRT Red Line to Siaogang Station and take the Red 3 free shuttle bus to reach Linyuan.