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Product Characteristics

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    Agricultural and Fishery Specialty Products
    Linyuan Township is an alluvial plain at the estuary of the Gaobing River, the rich agricultural and fishery products at the delta has earned its laudatory title of the “Town of fish and rice”.
    The region produced the so-called three gold: black gold (mullet), white gold (eel fry, milkfish fry), yellow gold (rice, Meinong muskmelon, gherkin).
     * Agricultural Product
    Main produce used to be rice and sugar cane, now it is mainly onion, gherkin, Meinong muskmelon and vegetables
    * Aquatic product
    with Jhongyun and Shanwei Fishing Ports, mainly based on coastal fishery (Sian Lao Zai ) and high value aquaculture, supplemented by seasonal Taiwan mauia shrimp, clove fish, eel fry and mullet.
    * The main aquaculture products
    Hard clam, mouse grouper, giant grouper, tiger grouper, spotted grouper, shrimps (white shrimp, grass shrimp, sand shrimp), eel, milkfish, giant sea perch, dolphin fish, permit fish etc.
    Petrochemical Industrial Area
    The Linyuan Petrochemical Industrial Area was created 30 years ago as part of the Government’s Ten Major Construction Projects; over 400 hectares of land was developed into the largest petrochemical industrial area in southern Taiwan, turning the previously agriculture/fishery oriented Linyuan into a petrochemical town