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Contact Information

    Head Offices
      Departments Telephone
      District Mayor Office   886-7-6452233 / 07-6412511 ext.21  
      Chief Secretary Office   886-7-6452200 / 07-6412511 ext.20  
      Special Affairs Department   886-7-6452202 / 07-6412511 ext.33  
    Administrative Office
      Departments Telephone
      Department supervisor   886-7-6465187  
      Combined Administrative Affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.56  
      Official seal custody   886-7-641-2511 ext.56  
      Archives management   886-7-641-2511 ext.30  
      General affairs, Procurement, and Asset management   886-7-641-2511 ext.32/42  
      Research & Evaluation, Information   886-7-641-2511 ext.52  
      Motorcycle licensing   886-7-641-2511 ext.43  
      Mail processing   886-7-641-2511 ext.53  
      Mediation   886-7-645-1643  
    Accounting and Statistics Office
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-641-028  
      Chief office   886-7-641-2511 ext.35  
      Assistant   886-7-641-2511 ext.29  
    Personnel Office
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-645-1042  
      Chief office   886-7-641-2511 ext.28  
    Civil Service Ethics Office
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-641-1324  
      Chief office   886-7-6412511 ext.54  
    Civil Affairs Division
      Departments Telephone
      Fax   886-07-642-7993  
      Chief   886-7-641-2511 ext.23  
      Secretaries from all villages   886-7-641-2511 ext.31 / 49 / 63  
      Self governance, Electoral, Cemetery Affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.34  
      Social education affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.48  
      Historic relic and joint office for village secretaries   886-7-641-2511 ext.49  
      Civil Defense, Temple affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.31  
      Land administration affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.65  
    Financial Affairs Division
      Departments Telephone
      Hotline   886-7-641-1468  
      Finance affairs (Chief)   886-7-641-2511 ext.25  
      Property tax, Land value tax, Treasury, Collection administrative enforcement agency, Enforcement fee, Income tax declaration receipt, Court auction announcement   886-7-641-2511 ext.38  
      Treasurer   886-7-641-2511 ext.39  
      Deed tax, Management of township owned real estate and sites   886-7-641-2511 ext.47  
      Feedback fee, Entertainment tax, Inheritance tax, Donation tax   886-7-641-2511 ext.61  
    Economic Development Division
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-643-0708  
      Chief Office   886-7-641-2511 ext.24  
      Agriculture usage certificate and agricultural, forestry, fishery and husbandry policies, Street light maintenance, Application for road excavation   886-7-641-2511 ext.67  
      Engineering related matters   886-7-641-2511 ext.26  
      Water conservancy, Illegal building investigation, reporting and building management   886-7-641-2511 ext.66  
      Proof of zoning, Urban planning, Road maintenance   886-7-641-2511 ext.44  
      Motorcycle licensing   886-7-641-2511 ext.43  
    Community Affairs Division
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-643-2370  
      Community Affairs (Chief)   886-7-641-2511 ext.22  
      ANational health insurance   886-7-641-2511 ext.46  
        Physically/mentally disabled   886-7-641-2511 ext.50  
      Community civil organizations   886-7-641-2511 ext.64  
      Mid to low income, Elder,Children and Youth、Child birth support Affairs   886-7-641-2511 ext.57  
      Low income household, Emergency relief   886-7-641-2511 ext.59  
    Military Service Division
      Departments Telephone
      Chief's Hotline   886-7-642-4275  
      Organization and training, Recruitment   886-7-641-2511 ext.36  
      Services, Logistics   886-7-641-2511 ext.37  
    Cleaning Unit
      Departments Telephone
      Leader's Hotline   886-7-641-0246  
      Sanitation affairs of the township, anitation affairs of the township, Stray dog catching   886-7-641-2511 ext.41  
      Departments Telephone
      Procurement, cataloguing, collecting of books, newspapers and periodicals, Reading, loaning of books, reference consultation, promotion of books, User education, reading center, parent-child reading