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About Chief

    Han Cih-cun
    Name: Han Cih-cun
    Education: Graduated from Gangbu Elementary School
    Graduated from Linyuan Junior High School
    National CHIN-YI University of Technology
    EMBA, National Sun Yat-sen University
    Jong Shyn Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
    Singao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.
    Jade Yachts Shipbuilding
    Representative, Linyuan Township Representative Council
    Kaohsiung County Civil Defense Brigade, Squadron Leader of Linyuan Township
    President of Linyuan Township Chinese Chess Association
    Current jobs:
    Town Chief, Linyuan Township Office
    President, Linyuan Township Badminton Association
    Consultant, Linyuan Township Swimming Association
    Director, Kaohsiung County Sports Association
    Chief commissioner of Table Tennis, Kaohsiung County Sports Association

    Linyuan is blessed with green mountains, azure sea and clear rivers, making it a picturesque place.

    Linyuan is located at the southernmost tip of Kaohsiung County, it is adjacent to the Danshuei River at the bottom, Cingshueiyan in the west, Gaobing River in the east, Fongshan in the north and Taiwan Straits in the south, possessing a geographical advantage.

    In order to cater for the information trend, the official website is created; it hoped that the website contents will provide useful information for the general public, in order to increase the communications and interaction between the government and citizens, thereby strengthening the function of serving the people.

    I sincerely hope my fellow citizens will provide valuable suggestions regarding township administration, and provide us with support and encouragement.

    Yours Faithfully 
    District Mayor  of Linyuan, Han Cih-cun