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Sea-line River and Port Tour

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    * Ecology *
    Flowers  From underneath the Shuangyuan Bridge to the west side of the estuary, for more than a decade the Jhongyun Elementary School has been dedicated in the plantation of sea purslane, mangroves, Rhizophora mucronata Lam and Lumnitzera racemosa, so that the existing four types of mangroves have prospered here to form the beautiful conservation area. At the same time, the school has also carried out over one year of investigative study on the wild birds of Gaobing River, they have discovered that this area is teeming with bird life, the majority of which are coastal, estuary and plain bird species.

      Jhongyun Elementary School’s records indicate that there are 29,573 birds from 35 families and 111 species
    Unfortunately, the August 8 flood disaster in 2009 devastated the mangroves conservation area; however, the description plaque produced by the Linyuan Township Mangroves Conservation Association still remains by the bank, where one can learn about the different types of mangroves.
    * Bicycle and Foot Path Area *
    bike path.   The winding and magnificent bicycle wooden path at the Gaobing Estuary Ecological Area in Linyuan Township was partially destroyed by the August 8 flood.

      However, the recreational facility and bicycle path on the bank, as well as the picturesque scenery on both sides of the path is still a popular recreational spot, many people can be seen here taking a walk, jog or go fishing in the afternoon.
    * Water Scenery - Catching Eel Fry  *
    Catching Eel Boats   Each year after November, one can see the unique scenery of rafts gathered at the estuary, ready to head out and catch the eel fry.
    According to an old fisherman, wild eel fry migrate from seawater to freshwater, they are very valuable and an important seasonal source of income for fishermen. The eel fry fishing boats are mainly from Shanwei Fishing Port; eel fry is also referred to as White Gold.

      Looking from a different position, the scenery of fishermen fishing for eel fry along the Gaobing River Estuary can be different. The closer one gets to the estuary, the more you’ll see the tiny boats form an interesting picture with the high-rise buildings across the bank.
    * Shuangyuan Bridge *
    Shuangyuan Bridge   Shuangyuan Bridge is an important bridge connecting Kaohsiung City to Pingtung. The bridge was destroyed during the August 8 flood disaster in 2009; as a result, the NT$200 million makeshift bridge was built by the government. The red bridge seems more vibrant when complemented by the azure sky and water.
    The construction of Shuangyuan Bridge was completed in May 2010.